Jump-Starting Your Resume – A Career Coach’s Tips

Dave was an attorney with a big law firm. His dream was to move into a corporate counsel role with a big corporation. When he first hired me to write his resume, he spent a lot of time telling me about how underappreciated he was at his current firm.

Network. Networking is still the best way to get a job. Tell family, friends, former co-workers, etc. that you are looking for a job. They can’t help you unless they know you are looking. Don’t just say “I’m looking for a job”. Give them specifics. Ask them about specific people they know that might be in your industry. Dig up names in your address book from internships or summer jobs you’ve had and reach out to those people.

I can answer the last question for you…NO! You can not leave your future paycheck in the hands of a person not worthy of the responsibility. It’s not the intelligent thing to do…unless you really don’t want the job. Trust me there are some people out there that are extremely proficient at sabotaging their own job search. Believe It!

When my friend got the people on the sidelines to cheer for him, he had to make himself believe that they were really in his corner. Because he loved to win so much (and did win frequently), it wasn’t hard for him to do that.

As a personal life coach in pune it is your responsibility to help your clients accept the power that has been brought about by his actions in following his purpose. With each purpose comes a specific action and with that action your client may make a big change in his life which will affect himself and others. It is up to you to guide him in the right way.

There are professional coaching organizations that work with business people. Check out career coach tips on the web and learn about possible coaches that will suit your needs.

So, if your phone isn’t ringing, don’t start assigning blame and throwing up your hands until you take a good, long look at your resume. You may be surprised at what you DO control in your job hunt.

Keep yourself healthy. Exercising and eating right will give you more energy. It will also keep your from falling into a depression. Movement creates energy and will help you feel proactive and not a victim. Interviewers want to hire positive upbeat people. Don’t give up. Keep taking action every day until you’ve achieve the results you need.

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